ProBiS Plugin

ProBiS plugin for PyMOL and UCSF Chimera molecular visualization programs allows prediction of binding sites and their corresponding ligands for a given protein structure. The plugin is connected via the internet to a newly prepared database of pre-calculated binding site comparisons to allow fast prediction of binding sites in existing proteins from the Protein Data Bank. The plugin enables viewing of predicted binding sites and ligands poses in three-dimensional graphics.


ProBiS Plugin (current version)

Binding Sites Databases


Download the correct version of ProBiS plugin and follow the instructions in PyMOL or UCSF Chimera installation guide.

Important note: First start of the plugin can take a long time, since all the modules need to be downloaded. For complete installation of the plugin, a stable INTERNET connection is required.

Known problem: Sometimes on the first start of the plugin you may get SSL timeout error. This happens due to slow GitLab server response, and is fixed by restarting the plugin a couple of times. If the issue still persists, retry when the GitLab website is available:

System Requirements

The ProBiS plugin has been developed in Linux with PyMOL version and UCSF Chimera version 1.11. In Windows it has been tested on PyMOL version and UCSF Chimera version 1.10.2.